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One student from a suburban high school near Chicago struggled with his behind the wheel course in school, perhaps due to his autism/ADHD diagnoses, so his parents brought him to one of our certified driving schools for a more customized approach to try to improve his skills  They are happy with the progress and have noticed an improvement.  The driving school, Top Driver in Illinois, has utilized the information from our specialized professional training program and created a curriculum that offers this customized approach for this student and other ADHD students they serve.

While driving skills are thought to be acquired naturally for most students, it does not come naturally for drivers who struggle with ADHD or other executive functioning disorders.  These students learn best through an integrated program that provides specific skill training and creates new cognitive routines for the driver. When we train professional driving instructors we share our expertise and research so they can meet the needs of these ADHD drivers.

Another family from Texas decided to fly up to Chicago so their 18 year old daughter Valerie could work with Jim Mihalovich, Director of Curriculum for Top Driver who has been trained in our Behind the Wheel With ADHD program. We do not currently have a certified school in Texas. Valerie has had her license for 2 years but still struggles with certain aspects of driving so her parents thought the customized approach offered with our program would enhance her skills.  They were thrilled with how well Jim worked with Valerie to mitigate her challenges and correct some difficulties.

We are always pleased to hear stories from the field and hope that we can train more schools in more areas to serve this population of students.

Please read the complete article from the Daily Herald for more details on these families and their journeys:

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