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Behind the Wheel With ADHD PARENT WEBINAR, presented in 3 modules, for parents of teens with ADHD and other executive functioning challenges, who are learning to drive.



Behind the Wheel With ADHD” is a PARENT WEBINAR, presented in 3 modules, for parents of teens with ADHD and other executive functioning challenges, who are learning to drive!

What “Behind the Wheel With ADHD” Offers

This webinar offers you peace of mind. Gayle and Ann, creators of the “Behind the Wheel With ADHD” professional training program for driving instructors, have brought their research and experience on this topic to a new webinar just for parents! This webinar will help you keep your teen with ADHD safe behind the wheel.

What You’ll Learn

Gayle and Ann offer specific tools and strategies to help mitigate the risks and confusion associated with the new driver who experiences symptoms of ADHD.

The new parent webinar series:

  • Presents new research on the part anxiety plays in traffic safety for ADHD teens
  • Alerts you to the special dangers of distracted driving for ADHD teens
  • Explains how you can use the coaching approach to work more effectively with your ADHD teen
  • Demonstrates the latest technologies available to support your efforts as parents to mitigate distractions
  • Shows you how stimulant medications impact driving competency
  • And much MORE

The Webinar Modules

Behind the Wheel with ADHD is presented in 3 modules, lasting 50 minutes each.


Learn why your ADHD teen faces serious risks in driver safety not encountered by his/her peers. While many driving skills are thought to be acquired naturally for most, we now know that for drivers with ADHD and other executive functioning deficits, these skills need to be integrated into a program that provides specific skills training and creates new cognitive routines. We share what we have learned from the professionals and from ongoing research.


In this module we offer specific information on the most serious challenges to driving skill and traffic safety encountered by teens who have ADHD or other learning differences. We offer tools, strategies, and recommendations on how you as parents can coach your teen through this important training experience and keep them safe behind the wheel.


Finally, we offer you an in-depth presentation of useful resources and recommendations from  professionals parents can use to help implement the strategies we suggest for enhancing the driver training experience for novice teen drivers with ADHD. We include take-aways for the important documents / templates that we recommend and professionals use.

Meet the Trainers

Gayle Sweeney and Ann Shanahan are ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaches who specialize in working with teens, college students, and young adults who have ADHD and other executive functioning issues to help them set goals and create strategies to achieve them. . As co-creators and authors of the new program “Behind the Wheel With ADHD”, Gayle and Ann hope to share their passion for helping people focus on specific strengths and weaknesses in a remarkably tailored driver education experience.

Gayle and Ann were trained and certified in 2014 in the Rush Neurobehavioral Center Executive Function Skills Program© taught by Rush University Medical Center. Gayle and Ann presented “Special Risks Associated with the ADHD Driver” to the Illinois Driver Educators Association (IDEA), November 2013.

Gayle Sweeney is a graduate from Marquette University in Business and trained at with JST Coach Training, LLC, and received training in the Coach Mentor Training Program and earned a Certificate for Advanced Coaching Skills Practicum. Gayle enjoyed a successful career in commercial real estate in Chicago with CB Commercial (now CB Richard Ellis) and then chose to stay home to raise her four children before embarking on a coaching career.

Ann Shanahan is a graduate in Psychology and Education from North Central College. She began her career as a UPS driver and was quickly was promoted into the management ranks becoming one of the first female Managers of the brown package car drivers in the North Illinois neighborhood districts. She became the North Illinois Safety Manager, responsible for the UPS training and development fleet of drivers. She has two children in college.


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