Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register for Behind the Wheel with ADHD training?

Behind the Wheel is a training program designed for driver education professionals so any privately owned driving school or any public/parochial school that offers driver education can arrange for their instructors to be trained in our program. If you as a parent would like your child taught by an instructor who has had our specialized training you can check our “Certified Driving Schools” page for schools we have certified, or ask you local driving school to contact us regarding this training.

As a parent I would like to learn these strategies so I can help my teen during the permit phase of driver training. Do you offer parent training or support?

We offer a parent webinar, the content is filled with important tips and strategies to help parents improve the driving risk for teens with ADHD.

My teen doesn’t have an ADHD diagnosis but he/she struggles with focus and seems immature to be learning to drive a car. Does your program help students who are not being treated for ADHD by a doctor?

Yes, there are many students who struggle with executive function issues who have not been diagnosed with anything but parents and teachers are aware of some deficits in attention, maturity, controlling impulsivity, and distractibility. These students can and do benefit from learning driving skills from an instructor who has been educated about executive functioning and given specific tools and strategies to improve these risks.

What extra benefits can I expect my teen to experience in her drivers ed course taught by a Behind the Wheel-trained instructor vs. an instructor not trained in your program?

Your teen will learn different cognitive and behavioral routines that will eliminate or mitigate many of the risks she has due to her executive functioning challenges. She will benefit from her driving instructor’s awareness of what to look for if she is driving poorly due to skipped medication doses, inability to stay focused with noise/conversation in the car, and possible delayed use of strategies she has been taught to avoid dangerous outcomes.  A Behind the Wheel-trained instructor has been taught specific responses to common behaviors exhibited by teens with ADHD that often put them at risk while driving.

Do you offer individual training?

Since we are trained ADHD and executive functioning coaches, we offer individual coaching for students or driving instructors who are interested in engaging a coach.  Contact us to learn more about how the coaching process works.

How do I find an instructor for my child who has been trained in your program if I live in a different state from you or from the schools you have certified?

Contact your local driving school or public/parochial school where you would like your child to learn to drive. Ask them to contact us for details of how we can get their instructors trained to serve you better.  We currently have certified schools in 8 states with many more to come.