BTW Honored to Receive Award!

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On May 7th we were honored to be recipients of the Illinois High School and College Driver Education Association award acknowledging our corporate membership support of driver education and traffic safety in the State of Illinois.  We attended the annual IHSCDEA conference in Effingham Illinois and were delighted to meet driving instructors from schools all over the state and talk to them about Behind the Wheel With ADHD.

We also got to chat with so many instructors and others working in the driver safety community.  We know how important it is to hear from the instructors themselves how they see the need for this training to enhance their effectiveness with many of their students.B

Pictured is us with James Archambeau, current president of IHSCDEA, as we are given our award.  

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  • John Harmata says:

    As the author of a teen driving book I find this information to be on the leading edge in driver education. I feel every driving program in America should adopt this program.

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