Top Driver Utilizes Behind the Wheel With ADHD Training to Offer a New Curriculum for Special Needs Teens

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Top Driver Illinois is the first commercial driving school to collaborate with Behind the Wheel With ADHD to create a brand new curriculum to serve the needs of the students who struggle with ADHD and other executive functioning challenges.  We are proud of this amazing effort by Jim Mihalovich at Top Driver who utilized our training and materials to develop an amazing package to offer the families served by Top Driver in Illinois.

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Leading driving school develops Specialized Driver Education Program for students with ADHD and other Executive Functioning Disorders.

Chicago, IL – August 11, 2016 – Top Driver, in collaboration with Gayle Sweeney and Ann Shanahan of Behind the Wheel with ADHD, has developed a specialized Driver Education Program for students with ADHD and other executive functioning disorders. While driving skills are thought to be acquired naturally for most, drivers who struggle with ADHD and other executive functioning disorders learn best through an integrated program that provides specific skill training and creates new cognitive routines for the driver. According to Russell Barkley, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at Medical University of South Carolina, “It is critical that driver training incorporate what is known about the risks for adverse events posed by ADHD and how best to manage them”. The Top Driver Specialized Driver Education Program provides this specialized training and establishes regular behavioral routines for new drivers who have chronic difficulties in executing daily tasks. Research has shown that using a coaching approach with this population is more effective than an instructional approach, which is why the program is offered by instructors who have been specifically trained and certified in working with students who may not respond best to traditional teaching methods.

Jim Mihalovich, Director of Curriculum and Training for Top Driver, is very excited to offer this program. “We at Top Driver pride ourselves on teaching Driver Intelligence™, and understand that the process in acquiring and utilizing this intelligence requires differentiation for those who learn differently. There is a large portion of our community that, until now, has not had the opportunity to complete Driver Education in an educational setting that is most effective for their unique needs. Top Driver is very proud to provide this offering.”


Top Driver is the Midwest’s premiere driving school with over 65 locations throughout Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. Teaching Driver Intelligence™ for over 13 years, Top Driver offers driver education courses to teens and adults while also providing programs online. To discover more about the Top Driver difference, please visit


Behind the Wheel with ADHD was founded by Gayle Sweeney and Ann Shanahan. They are ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaches who specialize in working with teens, college students and young adults who have ADHD and other executive functioning issues to help them set goals and create strategies to achieve them. As co-creators and authors of the new program Behind the Wheel with ADHD, Gayle and Ann hope to share their passion for helping people focus on specific strengths and weaknesses in a remarkably tailored driver education experience.

Jim Mihalovich, Director of Curriculum and Training

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